3 March 2015

These Flavored ‘Compound Butters’ Is Even Better Than The Original

A chemical engineer by profession, Rachel Howden took her love for cooking to another level and created what she calls compound butters, which are a twist on what we usually spread on our bread and bagels.

Howden experimented and made eight types, including cranberry, Moroccan spice, red wine shallot, maple cardamon and lemon rosemary thyme butter. If you are keen to try these interesting flavors, Howden provides the simple recipes for creating these new butters, which you can follow to make your own at home.

See below for some food pairings suggested by Howden, or head over to her blog to read more.

Vanilla cinnamon honey butter and maple cardamom butter with biscuits

Red wine shallot butter with steak

Lemon rosemary thyme butter with pork chops

Fig butter with cheddar grilled cheese

Orange scones with cranberry butter

Cheddar zucchini pancake with herb butter

[via Elite Daily]