25 March 2015

Watch: A Compilation Of Every Walt Disney Pictures' Animated Logo Opening

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Youtuber Ethan Jones has created a video compilation of Walt Disney Pictures animated logo openings from the past three decades.

Each of these openings are creatively designed, adding extra details about the movie into its logo before the screening of the film.

According to Jones, The black Cauldron animated film showed in 1985 was the first to feature the modified version of the logo, taking us all the way through to the last film in 2014 Into the Woods.

Jones added, “If you’re wondering why you might’ve seen the Walt Disney Castle logo in Disney movies before 1985, that just means you watched a newer version where it was added afterwards.”

Click play on the video to see how the logo changes in the different movies.

[via Laughing Squid, Ethan Jones]