26 March 2015

Watch: People Taste Coffee While Stoned On Cannabis

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Taking inspiration from Amsterdam’s reputation as a drug-friendly city, local coffee brand Moyee has unveiled a funny ad featuring people tasting its coffee while stoned on cannabis.

Created by Dutch agency 180 Amsterdam, the aptly titled ‘Under the Influence’ ad shows various individuals sampling and commenting on the company’s coffee to hilarious results.

One woman equates coffee drinking with sex and a horse, while a man answers “Round. Not triangular. But definitely wavy” when asked to describe the taste.

The ad is part of Moyee’s campaign to raise awareness of its “fair chain” philosophy that champions fairer distribution of returns across the entire production chain.

“Studies suggest your sense of smell and taste are heightened when under the influence of cannabis. We put this theory to the test, and found the results were compelling. It’s a more radical take on the taste test for a brand that isn’t scared to create debate,” said 180 Amsterdam president and chief creative officer Al Moseley.

Find out what went down in the video below.

[via Fast Company, video via Moyee Coffee]