1 March 2015

What Popular Comic Book Superheroes Look Like With Realistic Bodies

Wonder Woman

You often see your favorite comic book superheroes looking ripped and svelte as they fend off the bad guys, but have you noticed their rather unrealistic body proportions?

To address this, the team at Bulimia.com recently gave popular superheroes like Catwoman and Iron Man a Photoshop makeover, reimagining their heroic figures with average American body shapes and sizes.

In the project, these characters appeared remarkably different from their usual selves—for instance, Catwoman was imagined with a fuller waist, while Captain America now has proportionately sized limbs and thighs.

According to the team, the aim of the project was to make viewers “realize the futility of any comparison between themselves and the fictional universes of Marvel and DC Comics”.

What are your thoughts on this striking Photoshop project?

Scroll down to view the reimagined superheroes, or head here to read more about the project.


Captain America

Batman and Poison Ivy


Iron Man

Black Widow

[via Huffington Post, images via Bulimia.com]