6 March 2015

Woman Manipulates 126 Photos Of Herself To Show Struggles With Beauty Standards

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Just like most of us, visual artist Kelsey Higley is no stranger to being bombarded with various definitions of beauty and the ‘perfect’ image of it through society, the media and others.

She said, “Being a young woman, I have had many battles with this idea of beauty. I’ll go through stages where all I want in life is to be super fit with rock hard abs and big boobs, then after a while I’ll flip to the other side and tell myself that I should love and embrace the body I have. But as soon as I start scrolling through the Internet, my mind is flooded with images of this impossible, ‘ideal’ beauty.”

Higley decided to explore this phenomenon through her project.

Titled ‘Manipulated’, the looped video shows Higley going through an endless cycle of extreme physical changes to her body.

She wrote: “The video goes through several stages of ‘beauty’ as I receive conflicting opinions on what true beauty is. As I go back and forth, I end on my natural body and the video starts over.”

“This looped animation illustrates the effects media and public opinions have on the way we look at ourselves. I have chosen to use myself in this short to show my own inner conflict with beauty as I battle with the desire to look like someone else and the acceptance of my natural beauty.”

Watch the video below and find out more here.

[via Hello Giggles, images via Kelsey Higley]