16 March 2015

Woman ‘Toyed With Emotions’ On Tinder For Movie Premiere

Last Saturday, other than attending the SXSW event, Tinder users thought they’d meet the woman of their dreams through the dating app.

One of Adweek’s staff members made a match with 25-year-old Ava, who then had a short conversation with him, which included questions like ‘Have you ever been in love?’ and finally directed him to her Instagram account.

But her Instagram account only had two posts that were promoting the sci-fi film Ex Machina, which made its premiere that night in Austin.

As it turns out, the entire set-up was a promotional effort for the movie—‘Ava’ is an artificial intelligence, played by Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.

Upon realizing that the Tinder account was fake, the Adweek staff said it was “impressively deceptive” and it “toyed with my emotions so hard.”

Check out the text exchange below and head on over here for the full account.

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Click to view full enlarged version

[via Adweek]