25 April 2013

A Derelict Nightclub Transformed Into A Fascinating Street Art Museum

Cult Parisian nightclub Les Bains—the former haunt of celebrities like Mick Jagger, Kate Moss and Andy Warhol—was declared as a safety hazard in 2010 and currently awaits renovation.

While it stands empty and condemned, its owner Jean-Pierre Marois decided to turn it over as artistic canvas for 50 renowned street artists—the “One Day One Artist” project effectively transformed the derelict property into a wonderful street art gallery.

Featuring well-known artists like Futura, Space Invader and Sambre, the 3,000 square meter gallery holds a diverse collection of intriguing artworks, from vibrant paintings to imposing 3D installations.

Unfortunately, the space is not opened to the public and none of the artworks will be preserved when renovation work starts later this month.

On the bright side, a couple of photographers have been allowed into the building to document the artworks-in-progress.

The resulting images would be published in a catalogue—take a look at the stunning “One Day One Artist” artworks over here.

[via Creative Review]