27 April 2013

Intricate, Adorable Faces Drawn On Matchsticks Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Japanese artist Kumi Hirasaka has created adorable matches that have faces drawn on them.

KOKESHI are traditional Japanese wooden dolls, and Hirasaka first drew the faces of KOKESHI on each match by hand, for a group exhibition.

It was such a hit, that she started Kokeshi Match. Since 2000, Kokeshi matches have been mass produced, and have also expanded in range to include chicks, piggies, cats and cranes in its product offering.

Kokeshi Match embraces creativity, traditional Japanese art and everyday encounters. Hirasaka and her team simply want to make people smile. One of the team’s goals are “ …to make something natural and something that gives people a chuckle”

[via The Dieline]