29 April 2013

Designer Imagines A Kit That Gives People Better Personality

Haven't we all at some point in our lives, wished that we could be better versions of ourselves? Or that we could walk into a convenience store and purchase some over-the-counter success?

Designer Alessia Olivari, has come up with just the right ‘Feel Better’ self-aid kit to makes things better.

It offers users four different solutions for the “the most frequent problems of human personality,” like a sudden lack of courage, patience, charm or passion when one needs it the most.

The ‘Feel Better’ kit comes in an impactful packaging that features strong colors that “emphasize the positive effect these medicines will have” on the user.

One can also be assured that these bottles of personality and morale boosters are not anything like the medicines on the market that we're accustomed to.

Among the four—courage, patience, charm or passion—which one of them would you like to have more of?

[via Thedieline.com, images via Alessia Olivari and Vincent del Jesus]