29 April 2013

Crazily-Lined Notebook Helps You Get Inspired

Looking for inspiration? Staring at a blank notebook won’t help—but looking into ‘The Inspiration Pad’ by Brussels-based designer Marc Thomasset might help you get a few out-of-the-world ideas.

With its 32 pages of warped blue lines—unlike Moleskines or other plain strait-laced lined notebooks—the softcover Inspiration Pad gives your brain a twist as you free your imagination to think of ways to fill in the blank pages.

“I was drawing projects in a notebook, and suddenly it hit me how a classic notebook, however beautiful, is always very rigid and grid-like,” he told My Modern Met. “So I wanted to turn the conventional upside-down with curved, angles and twisted lines in order to create one which could inspire people to unleash their own creativity.”

[via Marc Thomasset]