29 April 2013

‘Upside Down’ Shop Makes You Feel Sick Enough To Stand On Your Head

In Poland, designers of studio smallna, together with Polish artists Joanna Gwóźdź and Daiusz Kwiet, have decked the boutique of fashion brand Risk. Made in Warsaw in such a way that you don’t know which way is up.

Inspired by the fashion brand’s reversible clothing range—which has items that let users wear them inside-out or back-to-front—the layout of the boutique contains ‘gravity-defying’ furniture that makes you feel like doing a headstand.

Its ceiling hangs a full-length grey fabric curtain, as a dressing room—which looks as if it can accessed from either the ceiling or the ground—and sits a couch, table, lamps and shoes.

To further mess with your mind, its walls are painted to look like the sky, and an upside-down balloon ‘grounded’ by a brick hangs from its ceiling.

Definitely not a place The Twits from the Roald Dahl’s children’s story would feel comfortable in, the deceptive reversible room gives its visitors a whimsical yet queasy feel.

[via Dezeen, images via Celestkrol]