27 April 2013

Infographic: A Timeline Of Six Decades Of Marketing, Since The ‘Mad Men’ Era

Marketing technology company Responsys, Inc. has created an infographic as a tribute to the past six decades of the marketing industry.

The infographic was created as this month, as Season 6 of Mad Men premiered. It shows the long past days of booze lunches, lady secretaries, suits and coiffed hair.

President of Responsys Asia Pacific, Paul Cross said: "Mad Men shows just how fast the marketing industry continues to evolve. These developments didn't happen by accident, rather they were a response to rapidly changing consumer behaviour and demands.

"We're now in the era of customer focused, relationship marketing. Brands need to move away from mass-market, broadcast advertising and harness digital technologies to develop lasting, one-on-one relationships with their customers. Who knows maybe if Don Draper was around today he'd be digesting metrics instead of martinis for lunch!"

View the infographic below:

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[via Campaign Brief Asia]