29 April 2013

An Aerobics Workout For Cats, Because Sitting On The Couch All Day Is Unhealthy

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To help your furry feline friends get fit, and lose their kitty love handles, ad agency DDB Chicago—together with cat food brand Temptations Cat Treats—created an amusing aerobics workout video for cats.

Work It Kitty’ is a cheeky dance video for cats that helps them get into shape to stop them from being ‘couch potatoes’.

The workout’s moves include: Rear Leg Lift, Jumping Box Squats, Paw Extensions, Paw Rotations, Rolling Plank, and Ab Cruncher.

As the intense exercises on the video are performed by “highly-trained and motivated cats”, Work It Kitty recommends that you should ever rush your cat into vigorous workouts.

Instead, you should start with basics first, such as: using a laser pointer to let your cat chase after the bright red dot, and filling a ball with treats and rolling it around.

Cats need to workout sometimes.

Watch the cheeky video below:

[via Work It Kitty]