27 April 2013

The Magical World Of Walking On Clouds

Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya has created a magical, ambient installation that allows people to have a feeling of walking through clouds.

Her work, titled Cloud Parking, uses a special fog system of high pressure pumps and fog nozzles to determine how intense of thick her ‘cloud’ would be at any given time.

This site-specific installation took place in Austria on a building rooftop, forming a giant cloud in the air. The entire experience is filled with a sense of romanticism and fantasy that takes its visitors to another world.

As one visitor said, "What a pleasure it is to disappear here, to reappear there, and to play with this artificial nature. What an intense pleasure it is becoming hypersensitive to every little sound as soon as we find ourselves temporarily in a fog. And one’s head becomes lighter by the body’s disappearance while the hands ceaselessly reach out to scrutinize the invisible and the unknown."

Nakaya has created a new installation for the newly reopened San Francisco Exploratorium titled Fog Bridge #72494. It is on display through September 16, 2013.

It will definitely realize some childhood fantasies of walking on clouds.

[via My Modern Metropolis]