29 April 2013

Cartoonist Draws Himself In The Style of 100 Different Cartoons

For the past two years, California-based cartoonist Kevin McShane has been drawing self-portraits of himself in the style of 100 different cartoonists and animators.

“Based on real-world cartoonist and animator Kevin McShane, Cartoon Kevin has found the way into the work of almost every significant animator and animation studio from Windsor McCay to Walt Disney, from Osamu Tekuza to Pixar,” wrote McShane on his website. “With his signature black t-shirt, blue jeans, and Chuck Taylor sneakers, Cartoon Kevin has delighted audiences from movie to television screens worldwide for over 100 years.”

You can check out all 100 self-portraits here.

Are you able to identify all the cartoon styles he used?

[via Cartoon Kevin]