30 April 2013

A Shirt That Can Be Worn For 100 Days Without Washing, Still Doesn’t Stink

New York-based start-up clothing company Wool & Prince has unveiled a line of men’s button-down shirt that won’t stink after being worn for 100 days in a row without washing, dry-cleaning or ironing.

Sounds too good to be true? One of its founders Mac Bishop did just that, to prove that it’s not as gross-smelling and gross-looking as you think.

According to Wool & Prince, its shirts are made from specially processed Australian sheep wool to make it super soft, wrinkle-resistant and odor-free—so they still look clean without washing for days.

If it’s really that effective, we think that Wool & Prince should expand into other garments in the future, so we save water from washing clothes.

Each shirt is priced at US$98 on Kickstarter.

[via Kickstarter]