25 April 2013

Cyclists, Behold: A 14-Foot-Tall Bicycle

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Los Angeles-based cinematographer Richie Trimble recently unveiled a massive 14-foot tall bicycle during the CicLAvia open street event last Sunday.

Called the ‘STOOPID TALL’, the custom-designed bike is 14.5-foot tall at the seat, 17-foot at eye level, and has a 32.5-foot long chain—which is six and a half bicycle chains joined together.

Cycling from La Cienega to Venice Beach, Trimble recorded the journey using a camera that was attached to his chest—capturing the awesome view from his perspective.

According to Trimble, he said that he has plans to build and ride an even taller bicycle next.

Do you dare to cycle from such great heights?

Click to watch the video below:

[via LA Street Blog, image via Hal Bergman]