25 April 2013

Tweet This ‘News Machine’, Watch It Twist Your Words

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COLORS Magazine has designed and built a machine—in collaboration with interactive designer Jonathan Chomko—that turns your tweets into headlines, through various media filters.

As a way to exaggerate the inaccuracy of news caused by the technological platforms and media filters the news pass through—the COLORS ‘News Machine’ simulates the contemporary 24-hours news cycle before printing it.

When users tweet their ‘story’ to the Twitter handle @colorsmachine, the message first gets read out aloud by a megaphone, which a tape recorder will record and convert into text to be shown on a television; a camera watching the TV screen converts what it sees into a signal and sends it to a radio antenna; a radio will read out the broadcast, which a microphone would interpret as text again; and finally the machine would print it.

When compared to the original tweet, the final printed report differs greatly—as “accuracy of reproduction varies according to the clarity of writing and to chance”.

[via COLORS Magazine]