28 April 2013

The World Captured Through Reflections On Soap Bubbles

Photographer Richard Heeks skillfully captures the reflections of images on bubbles that he creates.

He has also managed to capture other bubble-related photographic feats, including the precise moment a bubble bursts and the easily-missed moments of bubbles bursting within other bubbles.

Heeks mentioned that his inspiration stems from the cult 1982 movie, ‘Blade Runner’ by Ridley Scott, which featured a close-up shot of a landscape reflected in an eye.

With regard to his photographic methods, Heeks commented that he tends to “use the sun or bright buildings for light,” and “dark and shadowed or secluded areas for a dark background.” Notably, he also loves “relying on nature” as he feels that “the best shots tend to be natural.”

The following video will tell you more about Heeks' project:

[via Dailymail.co.uk, images via Richard Heeks]