28 April 2013

Hilarious Card Game Lets You Indulge In Being Horrible

Cards Against Humanity is not your usual feel-good card game.

In fact, the easy-to-play “party game for horrible people” encourages players to channel their energies into being as “despicable and awkward” as they please.

At every round, one player will take one of the 90 Black

Cards and ask the question printed on it. All other players will then proceed to reply with the most hilarious White Card they have.

What isn't horrible, however, is how the entire deck is available to anyone for free, under the Creative Commons License.

Creators of Cards Against Humanity advise that making each set on your own will take you about an hour and cost approximately CA$10.

Here's how the deck looks like:

[Should you be interested, you can download the full DIY-deck here. For instructions and rules of the game, you can view the official rules at this link. Purchase of Cards Against Humanity decks can also be made at the official website listed below.]

[via Cardsagainsthumanity.com]