30 April 2013

Famous Artists And Their Cats

Salvador Dalí with Babou [via]

We all know that cats own the internet. Cats have also been inspiration to artists throughout history.

The folks over at Flavorwire have curated a series that lists artists with their pet cats—from Andy Warhol to Salvador Dalí, it seems as if it’s almost a requirement to have a cat if you want to become an amazing artist.

Ai Weiwei with two of his 40 cats [via] [via]

Henri Matisse with Minouche and Coussi [via] [via]

Picasso with Minou [via]

Older Picasso and another cat [via]

Andy Warhol and cat, probably named Sam.

Louis Wain with Peter [via]

Edward Gorey and his cats [via]

Pierre Bonnard with cat [via]

[via Flavorwire]