25 April 2013

‘Fake Shower’ App Will Help Disguise Your Poop Noises

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To help you mask your embarrassing bathroom noises, here is an app that emulates the sound of running water.

Called ‘Akatu Fake Shower’, the iOS app allows you to choose the level of ‘water flow’ to match your poop and fart noises.

“Akatu Fake Shower is an awareness tool that, in a light hearted manner, allows keeping privacy between couples avoiding wasting water,” wrote its description in the iTunes store. “Why? Because many people turn on the faucet or shower to prevent the other from hearing the 'sounds of nature' in the bathroom. Water wasted everywhere—clean, treated, expensive and scarce water.”

“With Akatu Fake Shower, couple’s intimacy is saved, and so is the water. After all, the app emulates the sound of a shower or faucet and tells the user how many liters are being spared.”

The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store.

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[via Gizmodo]