29 April 2013

A Free Illustrated Book Of ‘Hard-Earned Insights From Creative Leaders’

Bristol-based studio Creative England has produced a beautifully illustrated book—entitled One Thing I Know—that brings together invaluable advice from leading creative entrepreneurs.

Touching on specific issues faced by creatives at work today, the book features a series of helpful articles—penned by some of the top creatives in the UK—that shed light on the reality of making a living in the creative industry today.

According to Creative England, the insightful articles by the veteran creatives in One Thing I Know “aimed at passing their experience down to the next generation.”

The book is now available for free, and one will only have to pay for the cost of postage to receive it—unfortunately, orders are currently restricted to addresses in the UK.

If you do not reside in the UK, fret not—you will still be able to read all the articles in the book online.

[via One Thing I Know]