25 April 2013

Beautiful, Surreal Edible Dresses Made Of Ordinary Food Items

Korean artist Yeonju Sung has created a stunning collection of edible dresses that are made from ordinary food items that one can find easily in any grocery store.

Entitled ‘Wearable Foods’, each piece in the collection is constructed out of consumable produce, including beautifully colored food like tomato, eggplant, banana and red cabbage.

In addition to these fruits and vegetables, Sung has also made use of more unconventional ingredients—such as boiled chicken, dyed mushrooms and even bubblegum—to put her dresses together.

To bring these dresses to life, the artist has skillfully photographed them to create ethereal images of surreal clothing that looks incredibly wearable.

Scroll down to view more edible outfits:

[via Visual News]