30 May 2013

Photographer Captures Intense Emotions By Literally Taking Candy From Kids

Photographer and artist Jill Greenberg has created a controversial portrait series—by giving lollipops to toddlers and then taking them away, she was able to capture the intense emotions that the young subjects subsequently displayed.

While some people have described her deliberate provocation of these children as “tantamount to child abuse”, Greenberg has assured that the sweets were returned after just 30 seconds and no lasting harm was done.

The children’s short-lived teary outbursts seem worthwhile when one considers the brilliantly expressive portraits that shows genuine and unbridled distress, frustration and disappointment.

According to the photographer, the toddler’s responses remind her of the “anger and helplessness” she feel about the current political and social situation in the U.S.A.

Scroll down to view more of her striking portraits of crying children.

[via The Guardian]