30 May 2013

A Website That Teaches You How To Pronounce The Names Of IKEA Products

To save you the embarrassment of mispronouncing the names of IKEA products, here is website that teaches you some Swedish.

Called ‘IKEA in Swedish’, the site features a list of different IKEA products, accompanied by audio recordings of their pronunciations.

Visitors can click on any of the products and hear the proper way to saying its name.

“When a guy named Ingvar Kamprad founded Ikea, he decided to name the furniture with proper names and words, so it would be easier to remember,” wrote the website.

“Well, easier for Swedes. Too bad he didn't predict his company would be all over the world, leaving the rest of us clueless when it comes to the names. So learn how Swedes pronounce them and stop sounding ridiculous.”

So, the next time you’re in IKEA, you can probably order some meatballs in Swedish.

[via IKEA in Swedish]