31 May 2013

Designer Injects Some Fun Into Objects Found In Public Spaces

Dutch designer Thor ter Kulve has come up with a playful re-imagination of objects like lamp posts, street signs and trash cans in order to improve public spaces.

ter Kulve believes that “in a time of economic hardship and individual isolation we should address ourselves to public space as a collectively owned domain and possible ways to use it to our joint benefit”.

Each different location inspired a different idea in him.

For example, a lamp post next to a river is given a swing, so as to provide a better view of the adjacent river, while a lamp post on a boring street is given a balloon-like shade to transform it into a local landmark and to provide “atmospheric” lighting.

“Dull and derelict” locations become cool hangout spots when he transforms fire hydrants into fountains.

Flaming trash cans are also a problem in the Netherlands during New Year’s celebrations as a result of fireworks and vandals.

By converting trash cans to double as heaters, ter Kulves’ design aims to provide a useful function to the trash can and reduce vandalism.

[Thor ter Kulve via The Atlantic Cities]