29 May 2013

Thought-Provoking Theories Explain How The Invincible Superman Shaves

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Here is the million dollar question that most fans of Superman would probably have pondered about at some point—how exactly does the invincible superhero, whose hair follicles are harder than any material found on Earth, shave?

Inspired by how Superman has a beard at the beginning of the new movie Man of Steel but ended up with a clean shaven face, Gillette has teamed up with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to produce a promotional video series that seeks to find an answer to this mystery.

In these videos, a “panel of experts”—consisting of director Kevin Smith, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (MythBusters), Bill Nye (the Science Guy) and Mayim Bialik (neuroscientist and Big Bang Theory actress)—presents a collection of theories that may explain how Superman shaves.

Although Superman has been seen shaving with a mirror and reflected heat vision in the comic books, many remains unconvinced—the alternative theories presented in the “How Does The Man of Steel Shave” videos provides intriguing food for thought.

From grinding off the hair to using a Kryptonite-like lotion, learn about all the theories in the videos below—which shaving method sounds most likely to work to you?

[via Geek Tyrant]