29 May 2013

14-Year-Old Photographer Creates Fantastic Images Of Tiny People In A Big World

Massachusetts-based photographer Fiddle Oak—who is all of 14 years old—has been taking pictures for an astounding six years.

Age, however, does not seem to be an issue—the talented young man has created an impressive series of photo-manipulated images that imagines tiny people going about an over-sized world.

These pictures depict surreal scenes of miniature characters dwarfed by regular everyday objects and scenes—for instance, a woman sitting on a typewriter key.

Although he gets some help from his elder sister in concept and set-up, Fiddle Oak—whose real name is Zev—does all of the shooting and editing on his own.

You can view more wonderful work from this photography prodigy on his Flickr page.

[via This Is Colossal]