31 May 2013

Colorful, Eye-Catching Hand-Painted Saws Make Statements About The Economy

New York-based design collaborative Vault49 has created a series of beautifully hand-painted saws—the project is their artistic contribution to the “Big Bailout”, a reference to the austerity measures introduced in the U.S.A.

The saws feature bold and colorful artworks, which incorporate relevant words and phrases like “Austerity” and “No Pain, No Gain”.

“Budgets are being butchered all around the world, and even worse it’s been done in such bad taste. These finely crafted finan¬cial tools should trim the fat nicely. Sink your teeth into these viciously hand-crafted beauties.”

View more images of the witty “(Sub)prime Cuts” project below.

[via Design Work Life]