31 May 2013

‘Grumpy Cat’ To Star In Hollywood Movie

Here is another sign that cats are slowly but surely taking over the world—internet meme sensation “Grumpy Cat” has just landed a deal to star in a Garfield-like Hollywood feature film.

According to Deadline, the eternally unimpressed and hugely popular feline—whose real name is “Tardar Sauce”—would be given the power of speech in the movie.

The initial report states that film production studio New Line is giving the project priority—the script is set to be written by Mark Steilen, with actors Will Ferrell and Jack Black potentially to play two of the main characters.

The 2013 Meme of the Year is definitely going places—are you looking forward to watching the “Grumpy Cat” movie or is this just a little too ridiculous for you?

[via Deadline, image via Deadline]