30 May 2013

Burger King Creates A Burger Holder That Lets You Eat Your Burger Hands-Free

As part of its 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico, fast-food chain Burger King teamed up with DLC/Ogilvy & Mather to create the ‘Hands Free Whopper’.

Like its name, the nifty—though a little silly looking—gadget helps its users hold their burgers in front of their mouths, so that they can eat it without the need for hands.

Users could be driving, cycling, playing the guitar, painting their nails, giving someone a tattoo or massage, cutting the hedges or walking the dog—but with the Hands Free Whopper sitting on their necks, they could also be eating a burger at the same time.

Would you get this Hands Free Whopper?

[via Creativity Online]