29 May 2013

Imaginative Redesign Of The Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are one of the most important documents you will ever receive.

However, creative design agency IWANT feels that this official document does not feel special enough and does not provide enough information.

IWANT rectifies this with their redesign of the birth certificate in Icon Magazine’s ‘Rethink’ feature, where designers are invited to reimagine mundane objects in creative ways.

Besides the usual information found on a birth certificate, like name, parents and birth date, the redesign also features location coordinates, hand and foot prints, physical attributes, and even astrological and astronomical details.

To keep the sense of the certificate being historical and archival in nature, IWANT uses black foil watermarked onto a heavy-weight card.

The certificates come in four different colors based on the season of birth.

The redesign aims to be “visually playful”, with its use of type and graphics, while having an archival nature.

The certificates also come with a digital file that offers additional content and detail.

[Icon Magazine via Dezeen]