29 May 2013

Teen Builds A Homemade Submarine For Only $2000

Hearing that his submarine was built out of old drainage pipes might not inspire the greatest of confidence in its sea-worthiness, but 18-year-old Justin Beckerman’s homemade invention has already completed three successful test dives.

Beckerman built the one-man submarine over a period of six months for only US$2000, while juggling school work at the same time.

His submarine is able to reach depths of 30-feet, pump oxygen from the surface and even has an emergency backup system that includes lights, alarms and a pump to counter leaks.

Beckerman has been a prodigious inventor ever since he started building things from the age of two, frequently using recycled and scavenged materials.

This latest invention is actually his fourth submarine, improving on the previous version in almost every way.

Beckerman hopes to use his latest submarine to “explore the lake, see fish and hopefully find a bit of history.”

[Justin Beckerman via CNN]