31 May 2013

Designers Propose To Construct Giant Artificial Sun In Miami

‘Miami Sun’ is an entry by Swedish design team Visiondivision in a competition to design a new landmark to be built at the Bayfront Park, Miami that captures the soul of the city.

The project involves building a “thin, half sphere-shaped hotel with a casino on its lower floors and an observation deck on its upper floors”.

The façade of the hotel, which looks like a giant sun on the landscape, is able to change color depending on the time of day to imitate the actual sun, creating spectacular looking ‘sunrises’ and ‘sunsets’.

It even glows white at night to mimic a giant moon.

The ‘Miami Sun’ “will be a relaxed and positive monument that many people also can enjoy physically and that symbolize both the laid back way of the Miami lifestyle as well as the flamboyant decadence”.

The sun’s glass façade will also be coated in a “film of transparent solar panels” that will be able to power the building.

[Visiondivision via Architizer]