29 May 2013

A ‘Distraction-Free’ Cellphone Case That Blocks Cellular Signals

Designers Chelsea Briganti, Leigh Ann Tucker, and Ingrid Zweifel—together with Manhattan-based design studio The Way We See the World—have designed a cellphone case that blocks cellular signals.

Designed to “turn off distractions and direction attention” away from our smartphones, the case is made of silver and nylon threads that have signal-blocking capabilities.

It can even protect users from identity theft—the case will prevent unauthorized RFID readers from accessing chipped ID cards and passports when they are placed inside it.

“Transmitting all day and all night our thoughts, sights, emotions and locations”, said its description on Think Geek]. “And the feedback we get from that web feeds a never ending cycle of sharing.”

“To some, it’s a blessing—feeling that connected, and the immediacy of free-flowing information is addictive. For some, thought, it’s a curse.”

“We have to disconnect, if only to focus for a few moments out of the day so you can get critical work done.”

The Blokket is currently priced at US$26.99.

[via MoMa Store and Think Geek]