26 March 2015

10 Ways To Make Your Images Look Better With Photoshop

Editing images in Photoshop, depending on its size and complexity, can take anything from minutes to hours.

To help you save time, you could consider using Photoshop actions, which are really convenient for final spruces and touch-ups.

We have compiled 10 awesome actions that you can use to make your images look better with Photoshop, ranging from simple ones that turn your images into “realistic paintings”, to highly detailed ones that transform your subjects into mystical figures.

Scroll down to view these actions—we hope that you will find these useful for your projects!

1. Create an epic sand blast effect

Give your images the pizzazz that it deserve with the SandStorm action—try making duplicate layers of this action for added impact and detail.


2. Turn your images into beautiful canvas art

With the Canvas action, you can now pay tribute to your favorite images by turning them into stunning graphic posters with just a few clicks in Photoshop.


3. Transform your images with lovely watercolor strokes

If you prefer to rework your images with subtle splashes of paint, the Watercolor & Pencil action will do all the work for you.

Watercolour & Pencil

4. Add an extra dimension

Here is another fun action that you can play with. This 3D Photoshop action adds an extra, thrilling dimension to your photos of urban scenes instantly.

3D Photoshop

5. Turn your images into hand-drawn sketches

If you want to turn your images into cool sketches that look like they were painstakingly drawn by hand, the Doodle Art V2 action will help you get the effect that you need.

Doodle Art V2

6. Enhance your images by turning them into “realistic” paintings

If you enjoy playing with your images in Photoshop, this Painting Action, which works for many canvas sizes, will definitely keep you entertained.

Realistic Painting

7. Boost your images with light trails and fierce colors

The Fury action will easily transform your images into vivid scenes filled with electrifying light trails and raging colors—if you need an extra boost for your artworks, this action works well for you.


8. Preserve your images as bold, graphic posters

The Poster Art action is great for those who favor the striking, graphic look accentuated with pops of bold colors.

Poster Art

9. Switch the colors of your images with black and white

For those who prefer working with black and white, this Acrylic Oil Action will help you switch the colors of your images into a classic monochrome palette.

Acrylic Oil

10. Transform your portraits into abstract collages

The Displacement effect is a unique action that converts your images into abstract collages created with your preferred shapes.


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