26 March 2015

A Floating McDonald’s Outlet That Has Been Abandoned For Almost 3 Decades

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Image via Taz on Flickr

Website io9 recently published an article about the mysterious ‘McBarge’, a floating McDonald’s restaurant that has been abandoned for 28 years.

Originally constructed for the Expo 1986 in Vancouver, Canada, it was left empty after the event wrapped up—now, it sits abandoned in the Burrard Inlet, a coastal fjord in southwestern British Columbia.

Developer Howard Meakin bought the vessel in 1999 and has been trying to turn it back into a restaurant—however, before that happens, the McBarge will just be playing host to curious urban explorers instead of hungry diners.

A group of friends known as ‘Vancity Ghost Hunt’ has uploaded a video earlier this month that shows what the interior of the McBarge looks like after almost three decades of neglect.

Watch the video below to get a tour of this rather eerie McDonald’s outlet that has not served a customer in many years.

[via io9]