13 March 2015

A Miniature Bell That Lets Runners Alert Street Pedestrians Of Their Arrival

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In our city culture, cyclists ring a bell to warn pedestrians that they are approaching. Runners don’t get that privilege. That is, until now.

The Run Bell is a new product available on IPPINKA that lets a runner carry a miniature bell with him on his run, and ring it when required.

It is designed to fit as a ring on two fingers, where your thumb can easily maneuver and trigger the bell sound.

Made from brass metal with silicone inserts to cushion your fingers, the bell is ergonomic and produces an elegant sound each time it is sounded.

It can be heard from a distance of 30 feet away and are also available in men and women sizes.

Available now through to March 23, you get can you running tool from IPPINKA today.

Watch how it works below: