16 March 2015

Amazing Neon Dreamworlds Made Of Intricate Patterns Of Candy, Glitter And Sand

These colorful installations are the product of Pip & Pop, by Australian artist, Tanya Schultz.

Her installations are made of bright, colorful objects carefully arranged to create a neon dreamscape. She uses a combination of glitter, sand, toys, colorful candy, beads and other bright objects to create intricate patterns on the floor and walls.

Pip & Pop started as a collaboration between Schultz and fellow artist Nicole Andrijevic as early as 2007. When Andrijevic pursued another path in 2011, Schultz continued to work and collaborate on her bright candylands with other artists and friends.

Scroll down to see more of Schultz's bright colorful worlds, or head over here to have a visual sugar rush.

[via My Modern Metropolis]