13 March 2015

Amusing Twitter Feed Features Ridiculous Food Presentations Found In Restaurants

Image via @Clanders0n

It seems to be a common trend among restaurants to experiment with their food presentations by replacing plates with decorative items like wooden boards and slates.

However, these plate-less dishes have inspired one disgruntled diner to create a Twitter account that documents the ridiculous food presentations created and served in restaurants around the world.

Started by UK-based photographer Ross McGinnes, ‘We Want Plates’ features various dishes served on anything but plates—noteworthy examples include sandwiches arranged on a small wooden bench, and a whole roast chicken served in a picnic basket.

Would you tuck into a dish that is not served on a conventional plate?

Scroll down to view a selection of images featured on ‘We Want Plates’, or follow them on Twitter for more updates.

Oh for the love of God, Rob. "@RobFreeman: .@WeWantPlates A fry-up on a shovel. http://ift.tt/1FPdL85

— We Want Plates (@WeWantPlates) March 11, 2015

That reminds me - must feed the rabbit. "@katehawkings: Trowel with yer actual (morcilla) soil. @WeWantPlates http://ift.tt/1Mx4zal

— We Want Plates (@WeWantPlates) March 12, 2015

I'm going outside. I may be some time. "@jonesyb: "Our classic afternoon tea, served on a traditional picnic bench." http://ift.tt/1FKqKb0

— We Want Plates (@WeWantPlates) March 11, 2015

."@ElizabethOnFood: yoghurt ice cream "brush", mint-eucalyptus crème "paste" and a G&T at German 2-star restaurant http://ift.tt/1Mx4ALt

— We Want Plates (@WeWantPlates) March 11, 2015

Once more for the latecomers, highlight of the day from @MarinaOLoughlin - thanks for the bread in a flat cap. Ew. http://ift.tt/1NIGgK3

— We Want Plates (@WeWantPlates) March 10, 2015

[via Mashable]