13 March 2015

Random House Reveals The Design Process Behind An Attractive Book Cover

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Random House has created a video to show us the design process behind a striking book cover for Hausfrau: A Novel by Jill Alexander Essbaum.

After working with five designers, one illustrator and two letterers, and choosing from over more than a hundred versions of the book jacket, the final design features a Swiss typography against a sensual floral background.

Executive art director Robbin Schiff of Random House, told Mashable, “rather than giving away the plot or the the details of the story”, the book cover should reveal clues about the experience they would encounter while reading the book.

The final book cover reflects the mood of Hausfrau, a story about adultery and the breakdown of a woman and her marriage.

The book will be launched on 17 March 2015, and you can pre-order it here.

Click play on the video below to see the design drafts of the book jacket.

[via Mashable, Random House, images via video screenshot]