2 March 2015

Apple Showcases Its Favorite Photos Shot With The iPhone 6

Shot by Chuck A. in Kauai, HI

A high dynamic range can make photos more compelling. Here, subtle pastel colors contrast with earth tones.

Apple wants you to know that the iPhone 6 is also a worthy contender in the professional camera market with its latest worldwide advertising campaign, titled ‘Shot on iPhone 6’.

Beginning this week, photos captured with iPhone 6 will be showcased on billboards in 24 countries globally.

Apple will select its favorite images from 77 iPhone photographers to feature in the campaign, from tens of thousands of photos submitted to the web by iPhone 6 owners.

The tech giant has also published 57 photos in its new online global gallery.

Check out some stunning snaps below, find out why Apple chose them, and head on over here for more.

Shot by Renee M. in Union City, CA

A balance between shadow and light can help highlight more subtle details, like the repeating footprints in the dirt.

Shot by Cory S. in Lake Cushman, WA

The presence of human subjects in a natural setting like this forest creates a more relatable sense of scale and emphasizes the height of other elements in the photo.

Shot by Ahmed A. in Albuquerque, NM

When photographing a flat landscape, focusing on foreground elements—like the partially inflated balloons in this photo—helps create greater depth of field.

Shot by Cole R. in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

You can use composition to tell thought-provoking stories. In this photo, a solitary human figure against a backdrop of sky creates both scale and a sense of isolation.

Shot by Cole R. in Star Valley Ranch, WY

Establishing a central focal point can have dramatic impact. Here, wispy clouds lead the eye to the hut and create a stronger sense of focus.

Shot by Jirasak P. in Mae Hong Sorn, Thailand

Convergent lines, like those created by the trees and shoreline, can provide a more interesting perspective in a composition.

Shot by Markus S. in Venice Beach, CA

Capturing a subject in action can add a sense of motion to a photo. By showing the full extension of the bird’s wings, the photo creates a feeling of movement that balances the stillness of the ocean.

[via PetaPixel, images via Apple]