2 March 2015

Funny Comics Based On Weird But Real Questions Heard At A Camera Shop

Since the 1960s, Ventura, California-based camera store Dexter’s Camera has fielded many really weird questions from customers.

Photography web comic CLICKittyCAT, who previously helped us decide whether to take a picture or not, recently turned these questions into a series of funny one-liner comics.

Each single panel comic starts with the line, “A hipster walks into a camera store and says...”, before delivering the punchline.

The doodles are courtesy of photographer S. Drik Schafer, who told PetaPixel, “Since nobody self-identifies as a hipster, we figured their camera store stories were fair game.”

Check out some comics below and view more here. Have you overheard any of these questions in a camera store before?

[via PetaPixel, images via CLICKittyCAT]