6 March 2015

Artist Shreds US$10,000, Turns It Into Abstract Art To Raise Money For Charity

As part of the New York Armory Arts Week and the upcoming Spring/Break Art Show, artist Dustin Yellin collaborated with art collective Bazaar Teens to create a series titled The Riches of God's Love unto the Vessels of Mercy.

The series was made by feeding $10,000 through a wood chipper and artfully arranging the shredded notes on simple brown canvases. Yellin's plan is to sell the paintings in the name of education, creating grants for high school seniors who are interested in pursuing art.

The sensational and illegal act of making the piece will challenge viewers and buyers with questions on whether the money will be "recouped" when turned into a physical art piece and whether charitable intentions increase the value of an artwork.

The Spring/Break Art Show will be available to viewers at Skylight at Moynihan Station from4-8 March 2015. Head over to this website to read more about the series.

Tree-Tech by Bazaar Teens

Hallway of Christ, slices of processed white bread nailed directly onto walls

[via The Creators Project]