18 March 2015

Bookshop’s Fun, Creative Project Lets You Go On A ‘Blind Date With A Book’

Image via krstinasaurusrex

Elizabeth’s Bookshops, an Australian secondhand bookshop chain that has been dealing in books since 1973, has conceived of a brilliant idea to help you spice up your reading life.

If you are having problems deciding on which book to read next, the “Blind Date with a Book” project may be just what you need. Essentially a mystery book promotion, the project consists of books that have been wrapped up in plain brown paper—the only thing one can know about them are from the clues written on the wrappings.

This project has been so popular with customers at the bricks-and-mortar stores that the bookshop is extending it online—you can go on “A Blind Date with a Book” by buying a mystery book for AU$11.95 here.

We think that this is a great way to stop yourselves from judging a book by its cover—you can also send these to friends and family to get them out of their reading ruts.

Image via Elizabeth's Bookshops

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[via Elizabeth’s Bookshop, images via Tumblr]