3 March 2015

Canadians Honor Leonard Nimoy By ‘Spocking’ Five Dollar Notes

The passing of Leonard Nimoy has sparked many touching fan tributes over the weekend.

In Canada, Star Trek fans have started ‘Spocking Fives’ by drawing the actor's face on a Canadian five dollar bill. The Canadian Design Resource urged Canadians to "Spock" their bills by turning the image of Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier into an image of Spock.

The idea of "Spocking Fives" can be traced back to 2008, when the "Spock Your Fives" Facebook group was created. The $5 banknote is a shade of blue that closely resembles the uniform worn by Spock in Star Trek, and despite a switch from paper to plastic currency, it is still possible to "Spock" the new notes.

According to a Bank of Canada spokesperson, although "Spocking" is not illegal, it is not advised as it may interfere with security features and reduce its lifespan.

Head over to the Facebook group to view more.

[via Quartz, Popist]