3 March 2015

The Next Generation ‘Heirloom’ Mobile Phone Is Perfectly Round, Made To Last

Currently, we need to replace our smartphones regularly to keep up with rapidly progressing technology. Taking note of this practice, design firm Monohm has created the Runcible, a new type of gadget that lies between a smartphone and a wearable device.

Its completely round, palm-sized design was inspired by pocket watches, compasses and skipping stones. The Runcible is marketed as an 'heirloom', not to be discarded but to be passed down. The design also allows for the interior to be replaced or updated when needed. It boasts a circular screen with the ability to take circular imagery, where users can zoom by rotating the device while the image on screen stays upright.

The Runcible operates on Firefox OS, an intentional choice to allow for open framework development, so anyone can create for the device. The creators, Aubrey Anderson, George Arriola and Jason Proctor, have spent about a year working to produce a prototype.

The device will debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month and officially launch in Japan later this year, partnering with Japan's KDDI carrier.

Find out more about the Runcible at their website.

[via Cool Hunting]