4 March 2015

Cheeky Adhesive Bandages With Realistic Images Of Gruesome Wounds On Them

Designed to “make your cuts & scrapes look so much worse than they really are”, the Boo-Boos adhesive bandages are not for the squeamish.

Featuring realistic illustrations of stomach-turning wounds like chemical burn, skin ulcers and a gunshot hole, these bandages are morbidly amusing—according to the their creators, they are not for everyone, but “you have to admit they're definitely more interesting than any of the other bandages available today”.

The Boo-Boos would only be available on its Kickstarter campaign—it would not be sold afterwards—and are prized at US$12 for a pack of 20 bandages.

Would you use these scary bandages?

[via Ufunk]