4 March 2015

Watch: How to Save The Environment By Growing Biodegradable Clothes

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This episode of The Next Black, a documentary series about the future of clothing, introduces the idea of biodegradable clothing that can be grown from living organisms.

Director of Biocouture, Suzanne Lee talks about the process and idea of growing your own clothing can revolutionise the fashion industry. Lee started experimenting in her own bathroom, using a mixture of green tea, sugar, acetic acid and a starter culture that produced pieces of fabric that could be sewn together to produce a piece of clothing.

This method of producing fashion, according to Lee, is closer to brewing beer or making food than what is traditionally understood. As a design consultancy, Biocouture collaborates with various labs to bring materials scientifically created in the labs to the fashion market.

The existing practices of the fashion industry create waste on every step of the creation process. The use of biodegradable fabric can alleviate this problem. Watch the video below for more information about the future of fashion.

[via Collectively]